M.G. Castings has a fully integrated quality control system in place.  Internal and external process and product quality inspections are performed and documented.  All measuring instruments and equipment are regularly calibrated and have up to date certification.
M.G. Castings Quality Statement
To be acknowledged, locally nationally and Internationally as the preferred service provider for nonferrous casting, pattern making product and machining services supplier in the foundry industry
MG Castings mission is to be the most effective and productive Service provider to the mining, engineering and the end user for nonferrous castable and machined products; we will promote the technological advances made in the industry supplying information and training whenever needed on a continuous basis. Through all business relations that are formed. Focusing on teamwork, transparency, good corporate governance, citizenship and sustainability. MG Castings will continuously strive to exceed customers, clients and end users’ expectations.
To achieve this goal, we employ world-class manufacturing techniques coupled with strict quality monitoring system. Quality emphasis is maintained throughout - from order entry to shipping and extending to customer service follow-up. Quality production procedures have been developed for each operation and numerous process controls are in place. Quality related capital expenditures are made annually to upgrade our overall casting process capability. Because what was acceptable in the past is not good enough today and what is acceptable today may not be good enough for tomorrow.
We also engage third party inspection agencies whenever so desired. It includes LLOYDS, PDIL, SGS, RAQW, MECON, TPL, QUEST, MORGAN, BUREAU VERITAS, etc.

"We at MG Castings Ltd. are committed to Market, Manufacture and supply of Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel & alloy Steel castings and Fabrication in unmachined, Machined & in assembled conditions that satisfy our customers in meeting their requirements.
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My mission as the M.D. for MG Castings & Ligitprops is to provide value and service at all cost to our valued clients and supply chain. A goal I place above profits and am committed to delivering.

From my support team, excellence in all we do. Our products shall be elite, our support second to none, our delivery timely, and our value above all others. Each client to be treated as a rare commodity and being part of the MG Castings family.

Service shall never be questioned. We will offer high quality and timely support to each client visiting our sites, each customer purchasing our products, and each member driving the results of our company. We will be open to contact and never delay a response. No question shall be answered with anything less than honesty and in any sense less than urgent.

Leadership. We will be leaders in both business and society, giving back to our members and communities. We will take care of our people as they are our most valuable resource, and will continue to be innovators in our industry, providing new opportunities to all we encounter.

(PS) With passion and pride we at MG Castings pledge our commitment to our company values.
We, at M.G. Castings, proudly pronounce our personal commitment to understand, meet and, when possible, exceed our Customer's requirements through the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to deliver a quality, defect free product on-time, at the most competitive cost.