Ligitprops is the engineering division of M.G.Castings.  This machine shop does most of the foundry’s non-ferrous machining as well as any type of ferrous engineering and small fabrication.  The integrated quality control system is also applied in the engineering section with an in-house quality assurance inspector.  The satisfaction of our clients is priority.  Therefore we never show business away and always strive to supply our customers timely and with exceptional products.

For peace of mind preventative maintenance is carried out on machinery to limit down time as far as possible.  There is also a generator on site capable of supplying both the foundry and engineering divisions of electricity, ensuring that we can keep on running full capacity, even when load sharing be implemented.
No alloying is done in house. All raw materials are purchased from recognized suppliers in a pre-alloyed ingot form. Every batch is supplied with a analysis certificate. Use of these batches are documented and allocated to every job for future traceability. We do not support the trade of conflict minerals
We have an offsite pattern making team that is dedicated and fully committed too speedy delivery of wooden and Polly patterns for those once off projects, and a storage facility for patterns safekeeping.
We make use of the silicon-based sand moulding method
We have 4 natural gas burning ovens, each with a capacity of 400kg of molten product. For the big moulds we make use of preheated lades, making it possible to cast up to 1600kg of product in one cast
We also have the capacity to do high density centrifugal casting with a variety of di’s available for our spin casting machines.
We have a dedicated area were castings are cleaned and striped from sand and rises that protrude from the castings mould
After the fettling has been completed we prefer to do some pre-machining to validate the integrity of the casted products, due to the casting method pitting could occur from time to time.  We would rather recast than deliver a substandard product
This is also an integral part of our quality process, as blowholes and anomalies can be detected before delivery to the client. Should any defects be detected an NCR is generated and work piece is scraped and returned to the foundry. 
Once per machining is completed and no defects have been detected, dimension are verified the work piece is lined up for the final machining process.  Some of our clients request that we also do the final machining too very specific tolerances for export products before the QA department signs the job card off.
M.G. Castings has a fully integrated quality control system in place. Internal and external process and product quality inspections are performed and documented. All measuring instruments are regularly calibrated and has certification.

All products are also supplied with a material specification certificate or data pack depending on the clients request & requirements.
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Due to years of experience and hands on approach by management, M.G. Castings has a production capacity in excess of 60 tons per month, while maintaining an excellent quality product.  Products are supplied as a rough casting or either proof or final machined.  The company offers a patternmaking service as well as pattern storage facility for customer convenience.
High Density Centrifugal Castings
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